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  Results of the 18th Asian Petanque Championship


Results of the 2nd SEAPA Petanque Championship - 17May2015  

Results of the 18th Asian Petanque Championship - 17May2015  

Invitation to Port Dickson Open 2015 - 09Dec2014

Sponsorship - 04Nov2014

The Asian Umpire Course 2014 - 04Nov2014  

The Asian Umpire Course 2014 - 14Oct2014

Invitation to 18th Asian Petanque Championship 2014 - 24Sep2014

10th Senior and 8th sub-junior Petanque Championship of India 2014 - 17Jul2014  

8th Pan Pacific Petanque Championship (2014) - 05Jul2014  

Invitation to 8th Pan Pacific (2014) - 22Feb2014  

Results of the 17th Asian Petanque Championship and the Election of the New President - 09Nov13

The New Member: Federation of Korean Petanque and Boule - 01Oct13

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Invitation to the APSBC's 2013 Train the Trainer Course - 15Aug13

Invitation to the 17th Asian Petanque Championship - 27Jul13

The New Secretary-General of APSBC - 16Jul13

Updated Info of Chinese Taipei Petanque & Sports Boules Association - 19Jun13

Apology to the APSBC Secretary-General - 15May13

The Establishment of Myanmar Pétanque Federation - 04May13

The 17th Asian Petanque Championship - 22Apr13

Myanmar Prepares for the 27th SEA Games - 08Apr13

Japan Pétanque Boules Committee - 01Apr13

Petanque Triple Open Port Dickson - 07Jan13

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The 16th Asian Petanque Championship & the 2012 Annual Meeting - 10Aug12

Appointment of the New APSBC Secretary General - 16Jul12

Message of Condolence - 07Jun12

Result of the Asian Umpire Course 2012 - 17May12

The Asian Umpire Course 2012 - 05Apr12

The 16th Asian Petanque Championship: Tournament Informations - 26Mar12

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FIPJP Trainer Course in APSBC - 19Sep11